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Top 10 Video Songs of August

Top 10 Video Songs of August


Have you ever noticed that a lot of people tend to choose the music they listen to depending on their mood? Music is more powerful than we acknowledge. It can help motivate us, relieve stress, and even cheer us up whenever we are sad.

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Interview with Klaroline Awards Best Nicest Tweeter Winner: @TalkingKC

Interview with Klaroline Awards Best Nicest Tweeter Winner: @TalkingKC


The blogs team had the pleasure of interview the winner of nicest tweeter of 2014. And it’s one of our own members, the lovely Jade. She is commonly known on twitter as @TalkingKC. Jade comes from England, is the mother of a lovely little girl and loves Chinese. But above all, she is a lovely person, a great friend and just really nice. Read what she had to say.

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Interview with Klaroline Awards Most Creative Author Winner:


Here at the mag, we were lucky enough to interview the recipient of the coveted award of Most Creative Author, Erica, who is also known as or Erica shares with us her writing process, her opinion about the other nominees, the Klaroline fandom and what’s next with her fanfictions.

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Pic of the Day: 27 August 2014

Pic of the Day: 27 August 2014


Episode 14 of season 3 is such an important episode in the arsenal that Klaroline fans hold close to their hearts and these graphics zero in one of the factors that makes this episode so special: the dress that Klaus gifted Caroline with and his invitation to go to the dance with him. At the time, most of us were stunted, that Klaus would put himself out there, with just a disembodied box,…

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In case you missed it: 27 August 2014

Our top 5 articles of the past 2 days:

1. Top 25 Fanfiction AU’s:
2. Pic of the Day: 26 August 2014:
3. Drabble of the Week: Untitled by klaraholic:
4. Full List of Klaroline Awards Winners 2014!:
5. Playlist: A Mix To Be Played In The Unfortunate Event Of A TVD Seventh Season:

I think at least on weekends you should change the timeslot because I feel bad for the people who can't play.

I am going to change the timeslot on Sundays, but Saturdays are most likely going to be dedicated to drabbles/prompts from our followers. If that doesn’t happen/pan out, then I will play the games twice a day (one for each side of the world) on Saturdays as well!! :)

Playlist: A Mix To Be Played In The Unfortunate Event Of A TVD Seventh Season

Playlist: A Mix To Be Played In The Unfortunate Event Of A TVD Seventh Season


To me the idea of a seventh season of The Vampire Diaries is inconceivable, but everyone knows that the show seems to have nine lives and this is the mix I’ll be singing if the unimaginable becomes reality.


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Drabble of the Week: Untitled by klaraholic

Drabble of the Week: Untitled by klaraholic


Hello everybody! Hope you’re all having a good summer, even though it’s almost over. I know, I know, that’s pretty sad, but here’s a beautiful klaroline drabble to cheer you up! Brought to us by the wonderful author klaraholic!

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Hey Echo/Clara or whoever is ruling the mag now haha :) I was wondering at what time does the kcgames began? Like I think it's pretty late for me since I live in Europe, like 2AM, but I'm not sure! Thank you :D

Hello! The games start in the 7 o’clock pm time slot according to EST time. I’m working hard to try to play the games twice a day, once when I normally do and another at a more appropriate time in the CET time zone, but school unfortunately makes that near impossible. However, on Sundays and days where I don’t have school, you’ll most likely see me playing the games around 7 or 8 CET.

Pic of the Day: 26 August 2014

Pic of the Day: 26 August 2014


There was a melody that Klaus and Caroline danced to that differed to everyone around them. And there was a rhythm that felt as if only they moved to, as if they were lost in their own world and as Klaus spoke that iconic words into her life about how the world she thinks she wants would never be enough for her, it made us (and hopefully Caroline too) rethink Klaus’ perception of her: he…

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