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In case you missed it: 18 September 2014

Our top 5 articles of the past 2 days:

1. Drabble of the Week: Avowel by Addriannadestiny:
2. Top 25 Fanfiction AU’s:
3. Pic of the Day: 17 September 2014
4. Klaus’ Top 25 Tips to Get the Girl:
5. Authors Spotlight: imstormborn:

Authors Spotlight: imstormborn


The Klaroline Magazine decided that it was Ilaria’s turn to be the face of the next Author’s Spotlight.

Ilaria, known as imstormborn on and mikaelsonlover on Tumblr, is currently writing 4 stories and each and every one of them has at least one unique twist.


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Klaroweek Part 2: Loving Klaroline - 22 - 27 September 2014


A break is almost over, and soon we will be back to the painful seasons of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, but never fear if you ever want to shed a tear, you have a very firm support base that’ll always be around if you ever need a shoulder, an ear or an outlet. So as a final adios to summer and probably to happiness for us, we want to indulge in what we love about this ship and fandom and hopefully that at the end of this week you would be exposed to so many new works by members of the fandom and have met some awesome new people.

When : 22 - 27 September 2014

General Schedule:

  • Day 1 (22 September) - Metas/Discussion - There will be main argument and topics that can be written on, meta writers can also open their ask boxes to questions and discussion points from their followers, you can also spotlight your favorite meta writers and/or your favorite metas

  • Day 2 (23 September) - Graphics/GIFS - This is the day when we will be promoting an influx of Klaroline graphics and gifsets, you can ask your followers for requests or make whatever Klaroline-inspired graphic/gif is on your heart. For those that are photoshop challenged, you can rec your favorite graphic makers or your favorite graphics etc.

  • Day 3 (24 September) - Videos - This can be in the form of editing Klaroline videos or by making vlogs/vines dedicated to Klaroline and the fandom. For those that are camera shy or aren’t keen to make videos, you can list your favorite videos or videomakers etc.

  • Day 4 (25 September) - Fanfiction - Everyone’s favorite part of the fandom experience. Writers can honor this day by updating their current fanfics, posting oneshots/drabbles or opening up their askboxes for requests by their followers. You could also post recs for your favorite fanfics/authors etc.

  • Day 5 (26 September) - Music - Time to whip out all those songs that make you wail when they remind you of Klaroline and create playlists inspired by Klaroline on 8tracks or similar sites. You can also make gifsets/graphics/drabbles/videos etc inspired by songs and lyrics etc.

  • Day 6 (27 September) - Projects - Through the 3/4 years that this fandom has been active, there has been many projects piloted. On this day we want to honor the numerous projects, and hopefully brainstorm and pilot some new ones. This is the day that you share your experiences of previous projects and post your ideas  for new ones.

  • Day 7 (28 September) - Fandom - A large reason why this ship is still such a talking point is because of the tenacity of this fandom, through everything we have prevailed and this is worth commending. So on this day, we want to say our salutes to our fellow shippers, through any creative outlet that you want to, to show appreciation for the fandom. List why you love it, list your favorite moments etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Even though it doesn’t say so above you can contribute anything else that you would like, may it be poetry, drawings, songs, messages etc.

We would like this week to be unlike the previous weeks when only certain members of the fandom contributed, we want this to be a giant push from everyone in the fandom to appreciate our love for Klaroline again, to learn to forget all the negativity, the pain, the disrespect and to get back to the core of why we love this ship so much. You don’t have to contribute everyday but even just a little penny in the plate might help to return that klarosmile to someone’s face.

Send us your meta topics that you wish to be discussed HERE


Look out for the Shipper Story questions coming soon, so you can prepare your answers before the days.

Hope you are all excited to bask in klarofeels again, I sure am!

Video Makers Interview with fenblablabla

Video Makers Interview with fenblablabla


Here’s for you all an interview with the super sweet and cute (no, seriously, she’s the cutest, you can’t even understand) Fenia, aka the crazy talented fenblablabla from YouTube. You’re already welcome for the feels.


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Interview with Klaroline Awards Best Meta Blog Winner: hellsbellschime

Interview with Klaroline Awards Best Meta Blog Winner: hellsbellschime


The blogs team had the pleasure of interviewing this year’s winner of best meta blog, Hillary. She is known on tumblr as hellsbellschime. She gives her opinions flawlessly and with a good heart when anons ask them of her. Her analysis are always a pleasure to read and quite often readers get a good laugh out of them too. Read about what Hillary had to say:


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Pic of the Day: 17 September 2014

Pic of the Day: 17 September 2014


Special festivities in our fandom are celebrated in an awesome way (let’s just remind you about Christmas for example, with Santa Klaus) and Halloween is no less. This poster is horrifying but really well done and it’s already warning us to hide under our blankets as fast as we can to protect ourselves from the nightmares.


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What was published yesterday?
In case you missed it: 17 September 2014

Our top 5 articles of the past 2 days:

1. Klaus’ Top 25 Tips to Get the Girl:
2. Top 25 Fanfiction AU’s:
3. Drabble of the Week: Avowel by Addriannadestiny
4. Interview with Klaroline Awards Best Drabble Blog Winner: klaroline69:
5. Pic of the Day: 16 September 2014:

Drabble of the Week: Avowel by Addriannadestiny


I don’t know about you guys, but I have been quite the busy bee lately. Coming, and going, and buzzing, and having my plump figure impossibly supported by a tiny set of flappers. BEES! HOW DO YOU EVEN?!


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Blog of the Week: klarolinebuttons


Klarolinebuttons. A great URL. Especially since all the buttons came flying off of Caroline’s shirt when Klaus ripped it in half in the forest. This blog is run by Jess. Jess has no definitive age, she likes to describe herself as ageless, floating through time and space. She spends more than than is healthy obsessing over TV shows, her many OTPs, writing about said OTPs, and having long in…

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